Over the past few days I have been thinking about the way our world is changing. Not that I am worried, it’s just been the thing most on my mind. From Africa to Asia, Europe to America and Australia, everyday there’s a story of a person or a group of people doing something to change the world.

We all live in paradigms of thought, have you ever had a time when a thought or an idea doesn’t live you and it runs around in circles inside your head? (actually the bigger your head, the more of a ‘problem’ this experience can be.) The idea of changing the world and how people are changing their world has not left me over the past few days.

No man has changed the world as we know it like Steve Jobs. His death has drawn so much media attention and suddenly all the other important news stories are fading into the shadows, Amanda Knox can now enjoy some quietness, even if for a little while, while the Wall Street Protesters plot the next line of action.

While Bill Gates sits on top of the Forbes’ rich list, it is the influence and inspiration that the ideas, philosophies and products of Steve Jobs offer that makes the news of his death have such reverberating effect. Although Steve is dead, his ideas and philosophy about life personified in The Mac, ipod, iphone & ipad still live on. It’s not really about the products; it’s the impact of those products on the world.

Let us however not make the same mistake we’ve always made with many great men and women who have departed from us: to just mention their names in a history lesson or focus more on their inventions and products while throwing away the philosophy that led these men to greatness.

To be honest only a handful of us would create a product or develop an idea that would change the world as we know it, but all of us can change our world. The two concepts are similar but are not the same thing.

Changing the world is not conquering the world by military might or an alien invasion that would cause all human life to be dependent on something or someone, it is simply developing an idea or a product that redefines the way people across the world live their everyday lives. We have always searched for knowledge, but now Google makes it easier. We have always loved to communicate with those that matter to us but now we do it via facebook, and of course we have always shared and enjoyed music, itunes makes it easier. The creators of these products have changed the world as we know it.

Changing our world however is contributing something: an idea, a product, a project, etc. to our sphere of influence to make it a better place. Not all of us would create a product such as the ipad or iphone but right where you are, in the city where you live, the place you work and the home you reside, there are problems, unanswered questions and a huge room for improvement no matter how perfect or imperfect things seem.

I’m not sure Steve Jobs ever had all the answers from the first day he launched Apple in his parent’s garage along with Steve Woszniak but as he went along with an open mind and a ‘can-do’ attitude focusing on solving problems, the answers found him.

If we all resolve to focus on solving the problems around us with a good attitude and an open mind to embrace failure as a teacher and success as a compass to improvement, we would change our world  and that’s the first step to changing the world.


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