Confessions of an entrepreneur #1: The Road less travelled

It was only recently I decided to begin my career as an entrepreneur. I remember the build-up to the decision, thinking over and over again about what becoming an entrepreneur means: starting a business from the scratch and watching your idea either grow or fail, it’s one of those two outcomes you know.

Let’s face it, it’s more comfortable being employed knowing every 30 days, you’d receive a certain amount and no matter how little or mighty that figure is, you can always be plan around it. That’s not the case when you are an entrepreneur (at the start of a new business, that is), you don’t earn from day one because you have to throw just about everything you have:  ideas, people skills, prayers, sleepless nights, hardwork, your time and money, etc into nurturing your business before it begins to give back to you. Honestly everyone (okay maybe not everyone, a lot of people) would love to be in Dangote’s shoes right now with so much money, having your private jet, and controlling many companies with so much influence. But only a handful would be willing to work as hard as he has done to get to where he is. This is the reason why entrepreneurship is the road less travelled.

For people like me who are starting a business from the scratch with little or  no funds, with little or no experience  whatsoever armed with only an idea, failure ‘seems’ more realistic than success (only 18% or so succeed according to some experts) but success is also a possiblility.

This, as scary as it is, is one of the most exciting moments of my life. Suspending unbelief and turning an idea into something real with very high stakes involved (i.e. my life) is exciting, the vision of doing something you love and turning that ‘vision’ into something magnificient is worth damning the consequences and taking a decision many people would not take: being your own boss from day 1.

Do I know exactly what I am doing? Yes…. No…..maybe! but as risky and crazy (a word I have become friends with over the past few weeks) startups or starting a business can be, it is the way the biggest firms, churches, and even countries started: someone taking an initiative, doing something even when it seemed like the craziest idea ever.

We all just don’t wake up in the morning with such thoughts (and blog about them), that’s why entrepreneurship is the road less travelled and people who make a career out of it are quite rare. I silently pray to God that this works, it must!


One thought on “Confessions of an entrepreneur #1: The Road less travelled

  1. I feel you. Let’s think of it this way. Sometimes, the road least travelled has the gold buried within it. Focus is key.
    To borrow from Spartacus”kill them all”.
    The best for the best!
    Daba ‎ .

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