The ‘Monday Hate’ Syndrome

For as long as I can remember, Monday has remained unchallenged for the most hated day of the week. That’s right, just do a mini survey on a Monday in your school or at work and you’d find out that people rarely smile on Mondays unlike on another day of the week (say Friday). Why is that? Is there a phantom of sadness whose job is to steal joy from unsuspecting humans only on Mondays? You wish! There is no phantom of sadness, and the day ‘Monday’ is not to be blamed. The problem is us, we hate (or don’t like) what we do with most of our lives during the working week and since Monday is the beginning of the working week, we simply……hate on!

We have this Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) thing because Monday to Friday for many is a bitter pill they’d rather forget. Many of us hate our jobs, or schools and the weekend speaks temporary release. So now you see that it’s not a Monday or Friday thing, it’s an attitude or mind thing. If you work in an Islamic country say Saudi Arabia, Oman or Yemen, you’d be experiencing a ‘Saturday hate’ syndrome because the weekend in these countries are Thursday and Friday, so Saturday equals Monday (you understand, right?) while in Dubai, Algeria or Libya, a ‘Sunday’ hate syndrome would be experienced since their weekends are Friday and Saturday (a modification from Thursday and Friday, to allow more working days overlap with International Financial Markets according to Wikipedia).

So we now see that Monday is absolutely not guilty. But this doesn’t change anything. No, you’re reading this on a Monday morning and you still feel sad. But the cure to ‘Monday hate’ is to change your attitude to whatever you do on Mondays or on whatever day your week starts (for the people in Arab countries reading this). You may not love what you do (and if you don’t you should find out why and do something about it) but here are five things you can do to improve your attitude on your hated day:

  1. GET TO WORK ON TIME: Leave home early, get to work on time. Relax and set goals, you will be amazingly productive.
  2. PLAY YOUR FAVOURITE SONGS: Music is powerful. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and play them over and over. Sing along even if you don’t know the words
  3. LAUGH A LOT: okay don’t overdo it, but finding a bit of humour in everything (except your boss’ new haircut unless you want to get fired) helps.
  5.  DECIDE TO SNAP OUT OF YOUR FOUL MOOD, nothing happens until you decide.

Go ahead, try them and let me know how things worked out. Have a great week!


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