Postcard from ELC 2011 #1: One boy, Two Mentors.

I am currently attending Daystar Christian Centre’s Excellence in Leadership Conference. As usual, it has been totally mind blowing. it’s gonna run for three days, and day one was really inspiring.

Two of my mentors spoke today: Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, both of which have been used of God to be huge blessings in my life.

I do remember that about seven years ago shortly after finishing secondary school, I became literally addicted to watching Winning Ways on Channels Television and I really began to understand the “success thing”. Sometimes we would have a mini fight (okay well disagreement) over the remote control because of the clash in airtime of South American soap operas (on AIT) and Winning Ways (on Channels). So it was me versus my siblings as I would want to interrupt their programme thirty minutes on to watch mine Lol! Sometimes PHCN (then NEPA) settled the quarrel for us via a power cut and since we did not have a generator………..

Then one day something happened, my father visited Pastor Matthew’s bookstore on Allen Avenue in Lagos, and bought VHS tapes of Winning Ways 2000 conference, all the sessions! Wow. It was the first time I ever (saw) and listened to Mike Murdock and Myles Munroe. Their names barely rang a bell then here in Nigeria and Pastor Matthew brought them to Nigeria first, and since then they been here a good number of times.

That conference was held in Revival Assembly, since KICC Nigeria was not big enough to host such a massive event. In the opening session of the conference, Pastor Matthew did introduce a certain slim preacher: Pastor Sam Adeyemi and his wife, Pastor Nike, of course very few knew who they were. And I do remember Pastor Sam dressed in a cream suit he would not be caught dead wearing today. That was eleven years ago! I watched those tapes again and again. I remember Wisdom Keys as taught by Mike Murdock and 7 principles of purpose by Myles Munroe. The success of that conference inspired many other conferences of International repute that have since taken place in Lagos.

So today, sitting down in Daystar’s main Auditorium and just observing the organization of the conference, the excellence with which everything was done, and the size to which Pastor Sam’s ministry has grown is a proof that God is faithful, and when we step out in faith to fulfill God’s vision as given to us, The Holy Spirit begins to open our eyes to certain things and connect us with certain people. Pastor Sam in introducing Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo this afternoon did mention that He and his wife Pastor Nike spent a good number of hours asking Pastor Matthew questions whenever he was in town years back. This is a good example of mentorship!

The success of these two Pastors constantly inspire me, they started out just like everyone else. Pastor Matthew went to an Assemblies of God Bible School in Ikorodu, and lived in a face-me- I- face – you (single room with shared bathroom and kitchen with 20 families) for sometime. As for Pastor Sam, he came to Lagos with almost nothing save for a few clothes and a pair of shoes.

If God did it for them, He’ll do it for us all!

  A few quotes from today’s sessions:

“Destiny is the specific assignment given to a specific person with specific abilities to solve specific problems.”

–             Panam Percy Paul     

“Leadership is reserved for problem solvers, problem solving is a function of wisdom and wisdom is the accurate application of knowledge. Joseph was sent for because he could solve a national problem. If the solution is with you, they [the world] would beat the bush path to your door.”

–          Pastor Sam Adeyemi.

“The challenge of Africa is that our nations are 5-talent nations led by 1-talent leaders.”

–          Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo 


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