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No Confidence in The Flesh (a story).

As he packed his things, he wondered for the umpteenth time how it had happened. How could he, Pastor Shola Daramola full of grace and the power of The Holy Spirit be reduced to an object of disgrace? He couldn’t wait for the Church Board to decide anything; He had to be away for a while.

He had his ticket in his pocket, and had packed a few belongings: his computer, his Bible, a few clothes and a few books. He sat down in his chair for what would be the last time in a long while and recalled the entire incident:

The young lady was in her mid-thirties; her husband had recently left her for a younger woman. They had no children and she was confused, dejected and on the brink of suicide. Then she had come to the Zoe Church and heard him the eloquent and anointed Pastor Shola Daramola preach his message titled: “God at work: binder of broken hearts.” The lady wept her way into his office after the first service; he had listened to her and immediately felt burdened towards this daughter of Zion.

Initially He felt he should bring other pastors or one of the Senior Pastors into the matter, but a voice told him: with all your grace and anointing, why should you disturb all your busy colleagues? Just meet with her once, pray and she’ll be fine. Haba, Man of God, you can handle it!

Mrs Enitan Yusuf came very early the following day. She was in tears, no makeup but very well dressed. He counseled her and prayed assuring her it would be alright. He admonished her to get herself together meanwhile, reopen her shop and live again however difficult it looked. Enitan was grateful but still carried a gloomy face. “Nobody leaves my office gloomy.” Shola said. He told with a joke, she smiled, and then he told another, she laughed. His funny stories kept her for another hour in his office. She left smiling and they became friends.

Mrs Daramola was aware, as Enitan became a friend of the family. As she began to get her life back together, Enitan felt compelled to narrate every step of her journey to redemption to no one else but Pastor Shola and thus began a torrent of phone calls, Blackberry Chats and text messages. It was only a matter of time before they began to deviate to more personal matters.  Shola knew trouble was looming but the male sense of adventure prevailed common sense and the voice of The Holy Spirit. You can handle it, Enitan is just being nice, don’t assume nonsense.

Meanwhile Mrs Funke Daramola began to be prompted by The Holy Spirit to confront her husband about Enitan but then she thought: Shola did not become a pastor today, he’s been in ministry for the past twelve years, I love him and I trust him. I just need to pray for more grace upon his life.

Enitan recovered becoming full of life again and the friendship with Shola became very passionate with speed like a Ferrari that had lost control. One thing led to another and soon friendly visits to her house became sexual encounters, no one knew.  Shola Daramola continued his work at Zoe Church but guilt began to take hold of his heart, although he continued to minister, he often struggled from within even to pray.

“Enitan we must stop this.” Shola said to her after another meeting they had.

“Why? No one knows, no one would find out. Just act normal and everything would be okay.” She replied.

“How can we act normal? This is unfair to my wife and my ministry. We are Christians and this is so wrong.” Shola pitched back in remorse but the relationship continued another three months.

Guilt weighed on Shola’s conscience so much that it began to show even in his physical appearance and he finally confessed to his wife and the pastorate. His wife was shocked and soon moved to her sister’s; the Pastorate suspended him pending a final decision by the church board. Enitan meanwhile left without a trace when she learned Shola had confessed.

Shola wondered where he got it wrong, and the answer soon came as he remembered Philippians 3:1 and 3:

“Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. For me to write the same things to you is not tedious, but for you it is safe…. For we are the circumcision, who worship God in the Spirit, rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have NO CONFIDENCE IN THE FLESH…..”

©Timothy Konyehi, Life Unscripted Services, November 2011.



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