Roses, Chocolates & A Bottle of Wine

It’s Valentine’s Day again. That special time of the year where love is emphasized and red is the theme colour. No it doesn’t beat Christmas but it’s just a unique celebration (as all others in their own right).

There is the rush of valentine cards and gifts, probably a date or two. You must understand the adrenalin rush inside of you whether you are a giver, receiver or both in this context. The expectation and the endless wait to receive what you’ve been given or the reaction you’d get when the other person receives yours could be an ingredient for hypertension (no I don’t know anyone who died of valentine hypertension, not yet.)

Valentine is a good time to promote businesses: 50% off on items in the big stores – the shoprites, Game, Silverbirds and park n shops of this world would have an offer or a promo running. Even the Iya Basira food canteens are not left out these days: “just buy rice and stew, we go give you meat or se na pomo you want?” the woman would say.

“Wetin happen?”

“Today na Valentine, abi you no know?” she would reply with a smile. Now you know why she would still be in business come next year: cheap customer service!

If you’re driving today, get ready to be stopped by the men in black, yes the neighborhood friendly men of the Nigerian Police Force.

“Oga mi, happy Val.” The officer would begin go through your vehicle interior with prying eyes.

“Same to you, officer.” You reply.

“You no go do Valentine’s Day for us?” He would ask with a twenty-naira smile.

As old as Valentine’s Day itself, is the timeless question of what the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is. From the basics of greeting cards, chocolate candy and flowers to consumer electronics, mobile phones and automobiles (a car) to cash, everything (well nearly) has been suggested. I did see a picture on twitter at the weekend of a black Range Rover with a red ribbon tied around it. It was cute but I can’t say if the ribbon was truly tied around it or someone’s Photoshop creation (*coughs*).

It’s never about the gift as much as it is about the motive. And sometimes a small gift well-presented beats a big gift presented with less than a thought. The Chinese have a proverb that says: The beauty of a gift is in its presentation or something along those lines.

The best Valentine’s gift (I believe) is for everyone to make an individual commitment to be a better person. You can’t be a great boyfriend or girlfriend, husband, wife, friend, brother or sister, father or mother without being a good person.

People are imperfect, and love (forget Hollywood and the Mexican telenovellas) on this side of eternity is not perfect either. However we must give our all to it. This is why a relationship with God (through Jesus Christ) is great, inspired by perfect love from a perfect God I can find strength to love in as pure a form as I submit to His Spirit to enable me to.

My perfect Valentine’s Day evening would be a first date with a really beautiful girl. I’m a sucker for a good conversation; I’m just one of those guys that thrive on talk more than anything else as a great way to bond. So an evening filled with laughter and a good talk would be great, I would come armed with flowers (Roses), chocolates and a bottle of wine.

I often joke about my Grammy Award-winning (don’t take me seriously) voice. Okay I don’t have a very awesome voice but I would love to do a Karaoke with the girl, I’m thinking Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning, Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are or something from Savage Garden or KC & JoJo. It would round off an unforgettable evening for me. Hmm…..

It’s Valentine’s Day, whatever you do today and however you choose to celebrate, enjoy your day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.   


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