Dear Future Spouse,

I admit this is spooky! Writing to you in public domain, not fixing your name in it, and allowing the rest of the world to see what should just be between us. Well first of all, though everyone can see it, this is STILL for you. I hope this sets you thinking as I unveil my heart; the brilliant part is you can always read this, as far as the Internet is still alive, you’re welcome babe! *wink wink*. Secondly, I want everyone to read it so people can think about these opinions. They don’t have to agree, they can pick one thing and ruminate over it, you never know!

I don’t know what advertising campaign I saw recently, but it said: ‘Made for More!’ That’s my guiding philosophy. Long ago, I concluded that one of the most boring thing that would happen to me was just to get married and have kids, just that. Oh wait, that doesn’t sound right; I mean getting married and having kids would be awesome but there’s got to be more to life.

There is this pulsating cry within me to make a difference, to leave a piece of the extraordinary in this world from within and to leave a mark for good on the footprints of time.

A good marriage for me is like a fountain, where both man and wife bring out the best in each other not for the benefit of each other alone but for the glory of God. And there is no glory of God, if others are not blessed. I feel like I am supposed to help you fulfill the reason for your existence as you help me fulfill mine as we create a nest full of love for the cubs, settle the bills and do the task of everyday existence with vigor and purpose. Sounds extraordinary, yeah?

Enter a calling! We were made, I believe, to do great things! And Greatness in itself has to be defined properly for it to make sense. Greatness and popularity are two different things even though many who have become great are popular. But greatness is not equal to a million fan page likes on Facebook, verified social media pages, a fat account in foreign currency (the Naira is not so great right now), or luxury, it is doing what you are called to do, with all of being. It might bring you comfort, it might bring you discomfort. However, let me warn you that a calling is expensive and it certainly will cost you something. Greatness will mean different things for different people, but blessing the world with who you really are will always be at the nucleus. I admit this is rather vague and introspective, but that to me is sweetest part. My quest to make sense of my existence has led me to make several detours but I am here now, and guess what, I’m happy.

The fulfillment of together forever is the relentless chase towards greatness, the relentless quest of becoming who God created us to be and unveil the best of ourselves until we leave this earth. Whether that ‘calling’ will make us stand on platforms or be in the shadows, just giving it our all, that’s fulfillment.

Time is running out, and every breath we take, brings us but one moment closer to leaving this earth, time though invisible is very expensive. I ask:  ‘What is greatness to you? Do you even think about this stuff?’

It was Jesus who said: ‘Follow me and I will make you fishers of men’. That was vague in the beginning but obedience to that simple statement allowed twelve ordinary men, okay eleven, if you remove Judas, to turn the world upside down with a supernatural assignment. Indeed, who you follow determines how you will be made. So, simple suggestion, let’s follow Jesus together passionately, we will be made! That’s greatness!

To greatness, our relentless pursuit of it and bitter-sweet memories on the footprints of time!